About Us

Carolina Elevator Cooperative, Inc. was founded by Roderick Maloni with the faith that a company lead by God can and will provide the highest quality elevator service at the most reasonable prices. Formally known as “Atlantic Elevator, Inc.” We merged in 2002 with another company for 5 years. A difference in business ideals soon became obvious and the companies parted ways. The former name was kept by the merged company and thus the new stronger company of Carolina Elevator Cooperative, Inc.

We provide a no non-sense approach to maintaining, repairing, modernizing and new installations.

We provide consultation services for major and minor projects. Let us hold your elevator meetings for you. We deal with HOA’s, POA’s and help put complicated elevator terminology into simple easy to understand language. This service is FREE to our members and is a fee based on percentage of the project type to non- members.
All equipment supplied by us is NON-PROPRIETARY (equipment any company can service) with FULL DISCLOSURE of information of parts, technical drawings and ALL diagnostic service tools and manuals after the project has been completed.

We dare our competitors to match the above statement. We believe our clients have every right to this information.